Corporate law

  • establishment of companies
  • preparation of Memorandum of Association, establishment documents, Articles of Association and other corporate documents, and their amendments
  • obtaining authorization to perform business activity
  • representation in proceedings at the Business Register and public administration bodies with the possibility of use of electronic signature
  • compliance – supervising fulfillment of legal duty in relation to public administration bodies
  • contracts on performance of function of members of statutory bodies
  • increasing and decreasing of initial capital
  • liquidation of companies and winding-up

Labor law

  • labor contracts and management contracts
  • internal labor regulations
  • agency employment
  • termination of employment relationship including collective redundancies
  • employment of foreigners

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • due diligence
  • merger, fusion and division of companies
  • contracts on transfer of shares and business shares
  • sale of companies
  • shareholders' agreements

General Commercial Law

  • preparation of contractual documentation templates
  • representation in proceedings at ordinary courts and arbitration courts

Real Estate Law

  • due diligence of real estate
  • purchase agreements
  • liens and agreements on establishment of easement
  • lease contracts
  • settlement of divided co-ownership and joint property (marital property)
  • construction contracts
  • representation at cadastral office